Eric Omondi has distanced himself from the poor treatment that Kibra’s finest rapper Stivo Simple Boy encountered in Mombasa recently during the SoFire Fiesta event.

Stivo is said to have boarded a bus to the event where he was supposed to perform alongside Nigerian Superstar Ruger and other Kenyan artists.

As if that was not enough, the Wacha Usherati hitmaker missed performing after the organizers failed to pay him and he was allegedly locked in a hotel.

Taking to Instagram, Omondi said that Stivo’s management, Men In Business(MIB), is to blame for his woes. He claimed that the management spend thousands on food and drinks without putting the artist’s interest first.

The comedian called upon them to resign or else he will get them arrested.

“Stivo Simple Boy management must resign immediately or I’ll have them arrested. How do you bring an artist all the way from Nairobi and he doesn’t receive even a shilling? What is your job as a manager? And then you only tell me about this at backstage the last minute. You spend Kshs84,000 on food and drinks yet Stivo has not been paid and you make him board a bus. Furthermore, why does Stivo has four managers,” Omondi said.

Receipt of MIB expenditure at a Mombasa resort. Photo/Eric Omondi

He added that he did his part but the management only informed him of Stivo’s payment issue when it was time for him to perform.

“I did my part. I spoke to Ruger people and Simple Boy people and they were to be paid. In fact, everybody was paid including Ruger, Ndovu Kuu, Kusa, and all the DJs. All along I knew Stivo has been paid only for the managers to tell me he has not been paid just as I was calling him to come to the stage,” Omondi stated.

The Comedian was the event’s MC and for a long time now, he has been fighting for the rights of Kenyan artists.

Earlier on, MIB released a statement and apologized to Stivo’s fans who were left disappointed after the event. MIB said that he did to perform because he had not been paid as agreed.


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