Self proclaimed President Of Comedy , Eric Omondi is scratching his head over the tendency of Nigerian and international artists coming to perform in Kenya.

Taking to his Instagram moments after Nigerian singer Ckay arrived in Kenya , Eric Omondi decried of how foreign artists are taking over the country.

”Give it another year and start signing our artists,owning studios and organising their own concerts and siring children around here”,Iam not a prophet but with this trend of Yemi Alade opens a salon in Baba Dogo,Mara Asake spotted in Imara Daima.

He further complained on the manner and potential conduct of foreign artists towards the local service providers citing London trap group NSG’s recent conduct.

”Saizi washanza kuchapa ma waiter at 3am kwa petrol station, honestly what is an artist from London buying tissues randomly from a petrol station at 3am kwani wanalala kwa lodging”he wondered.

Taking the ball back to Kenyans over the upsurge of foreign concerts in the country , Eric Omondi posed a rhetoric question to Kenyans.

‘But I don’t blame them you know who I blame,can you imagine the whole December we have had only one Kenyan concert, the rest are international ,the artists are now contacting me to host their events!

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