Eric Omondi

The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has called out content creators who attended the Kenya National Drama Festival at Statehouse last Friday.

Comedians Eddie Butita, Blessed Njugush and other content creators graced the event at a time when the government is planning to have them taxed 15% of their income.

Eric questioned why the digital creators agreed to go to State House yet he, together with other content creators, are trying so hard to fight the tax. He noted that content creators should come together and discuss how they are going to address the issue.

He also called upon Butita to avoid being influenced easily, saying he is a leader. He added that after the function he reached out to Butita expressing his disbelief, he even compared him to Judas.

“Butita usirudi state house, Butita usinunuliwe, Butita usidanganywe. Bro ume choma,ume burn.Unafanya nini hapo?Butita wewe ni Judas,” he said.

Eric Omondi however said that the president was addressing him directly when pointing out the issue about taxation because he has been actively opposing the idea. The content creator stated that he has tremendous respect for the president and that he believes the advisers to the president are the ones encouraging him to tax the online creators.

“President alikuwa anaongelesha nani?Who has been fighting for 15%,let’s say the truth, Eric Omondi,” he noted.

During the event, President William Ruto mentioned that the Butita and Njugush earned more money than him. He also urged the parliamentary committee to reconsider the taxation.


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