Eric Omondi is set to spend another day in police cell after being arrested while protesting at Nairobi’s CBD over the high cost of living.

Armed with a loudspeaker and a rope on his neck, Eric stood at an elevated point saying that he will commit suicide if the police come for him.

He added that killing himself at the center of the country will see the cost of living get lowered and that generations will remember him for that.

“Mimi leo sitoki hapa. Na mimi leo nitakufa hapa. Mimi nitajinyonga hapa. Na generations za watoto watazaliwa watakumbuka kuna kijana alijinyonga kwa sababu hawataki kusikia sauti ya wakenya. Wanacheza siasa na maisha yenu. Mimi wakinikujia leo naruka na hii kamba nakufa katikati ya Kenya, katikati ya Nairobi. Mimi nitazikwa lakini Ruto atashukisha bei ya unga,  nitakufa lakini bei ya stima itashuka,” Eric said.

He also urged those recording him to continue doing as he sang Juliani’s song Utawala. The police arrived at the scene soon enough and were forced to use teargas to disperse a crowd that had formed.

They also forced Eric to come down and handcuffed him before taking him away.


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