The self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi received legendary gospel artist  Christina Shusho on Wednesday night at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ahead of her short tour in the country.

The press waited at the airport’s terminus armed with questions for the two celebrities since it was the first time in both their careers that they were being spotted together.

Omondi stated that the main aim of Shusho’s visit was to help revive the gospel industry in the country.

”Mimi binafsi kama Eric, mnajua mi ni mkristo. si Shusho ama bendi acha nijielezee, nilifeel ya kwamba Kuna wakati Kenya tulikua na uwepo tulikua na  revival fulani, zile time ya groove. Mimi nafeel ya kwamba tunahitajika kumrejelea mungu,” Omondi stated.

He added that he scouted the whole of Africa before landing on Shusho as the perfect artist for the job. The comedian expressed his happiness on the music collaborations that the singer is set to work on during her tour.

“Kuna ile safari tunaanza, tunaomba mungu akuwe na sisi. Thats why amekuja hapa. Mimi naomba na nanahope watafanya ngoma. Wakifanya ngoma mimi nitakua in peace nitajua safari imeanza. Ningependa Shusho atusaidie kurudi kwa ule uwepo wa zamani” the comedian stated while  addressing the reason of Shusho’s visit.

The comedian retaliated that the gospel industry in Kenya was a shadow of its former self. He named Mercy Masika as the only gospel musician in Kenya who was still heavily invested in the ministry.

When asked about artists such as Ringtone Apoko, Guardian Angel and Daddy owen, Omondi  stated that the said artists do not produce music anymore.

On her part, Shusho observed that the Kenyan gospel industry was still very much alive apart from common mistakes that happen along the way. She took that chance to express her love for the Mwema hit maker Mercy Masika terming her as a remnant,

“Gospel industry iko sawa. Iko sawa kabisa. Makosa tu kidogo inatokea lakini kuna watu wazuri hapa. Kuna wale remnant. Wazuri.Wapo. Mercy Masika yuko hapo na wengine wachache,” said the singer.

Shusho has been a constant face in the gospel industry and she has collaborated with a number of Kenyan artists.

Gospel music lovers are therefore looking forward to new tunes from Kenyan musicians since the revival of the industry seems to have begun,

A few weeks ago, Eric was involved in an altercation with Kenyan gospel musicians due to his controversial stand that the industry was dead.


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