Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has responded to Eric Omondi’s allegations that he sleeps with three women in a day and changes them like clothes.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Ringtone said that Eric Omondi was just peddling lies since he has never caught him with any woman. The self proclaimed chairman of gospel music added that Eric is indiscipline, disrespecting people and that he is breaking the law.

According to him, the comedian is being used by people who want to take advantage of the crisis in the gospel music industry and even by Satan himself.

“Eric Omondi has claimed that I sleep with three women daily, one breakfast, another during lunch and another one for supper. My problem is one, who can believe him when he is telling Kenyans that I don’t live in Runda? Don’t believe him, I feel like he is being used by people want to take advantage of the problem in the gospel industry to get money or Satan himself,” he said.

“Eric has never caught me with any woman, he doesn’t have any scandal about me. He just wakes up and starts saying that the likes of DK Kwenye beat have gonorrhea. Is he really in the right state of mind?” he posed.

The Sisi ndio tupo hitmaker alluded that Omondi was being used by businessmen (for example Mo Sounds and groove awards) who want to organize a big concert of former gospel artists, in order to make a comeback in the gospel industry, because they were facing stiff competition in the secular world.

“They are using him to claim that here is a problem in the industry so they want to hold a concert and call MOG, Joksy, daddy Owen and others so that they give them money. Artists can’t refuse money and then they will claim they have restored gospel music,” he said.

Omondi accused gospel musicians of leaving the industry for the likes of Ringtone who are very immoral.

“Sasa mmeachia gospel watu kama Ringtone Apoko, a friend of mine who I know his place. I know what he does from Thursday to Sunday. He changes women like clothes. Ringtone analala na wasichana watatu per day,” Omondi said in a video that has since gone viral.

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