Azimio La Umoja Running Mate during the August 9 Polls Martha Karua has moved to the East African Supreme Court of Justice challenging the conduct of the Supreme Court and the IEBC during the August 9 presidential elections.

The Narc Kenya Party Leader in conjunction with the Muslims for Human Rights group,(MUHURI), have decried the ratification of William Ruto’s presidency as an infringement of the rights of Kenyans.

“We went into the elections with a severely challenged election management body. We had hoped that it would overcome those challenges, with the support of stakeholders and the constitutional ecosystem put in place to protect its independence and advance the proper execution of its mandate. That did not happen,” their statement read.

“We took our dispute to the Supreme Court, hoping for a fair hearing. However, the Supreme Court undermined the rule of law by violating the right to a fair trial. It did not allow for proper scrutiny of the election technology and, where it did, it surrendered its conduct to one of the parties, the IEBC, and declined to hear the petitioners’ findings,” they argued.

Karua who seemingly does not recognize Ruto’s presidency faulted the Supreme Court and IEBC for not upholding integrity.

“The law recognizes him, I don’t. I have a choice; he is the president courtesy of the law. I don’t have to over-praise that position,”

“My belief is based on my conscience but giving the way to the law is obeying the law. The court spoke we gave way, but we are still seeking for the truth. I will continue saying that tulirushwa (hoodwinked),” Karua stated.

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