Renowned Kenyan Dancehall artist  Dufla Diligon best known for his song”Tempo” has come out to condemn Kenyan Tiktokers for being unsupportive.

Through his Instagram stories ,Dufla Diligon has called Kenyan Tiktokers for being at the forefront of not showing support to the Kenyan music industry since they mostly focus on doing challenges of foreign songs.

“Some tiktokers wanakatsia!!! Yaani unapata msee ameng’ang’ana na ngoma za nigerian’s,Tz,Amapiano and the list goes on ”

The artist wondered why they give high rate cards to Kenyan artists yet they do foreign challenges at no cost, a range of 30 thousand Kenyan shillings to 100,000 Kenyan shillings.

“Wamepiga challenges ka zote free!!!! Wewe ukimcall anadai budget (30k,50k,100k…)”Dufla Diligon.

He however revealed that there is much mistrust between dance Tiktokers since some agree to help in pushing artist song through challenges  get paid but instead get lost after being paid.

Some come up with cover up stories like being  drunk or at times don’t pick calls when an artist tries to reach out to them.

“Ukishawatumia wengi wanaingia mitini simu hawashiki na akipick eti pole nimekua ulevi,

“Wengine wanafanya video moja na ni ivo!!!! I really don’t understand this!! Dufla decried.


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