Sam West the ex husband to popular songbird Vivienne has caused a stir online after dishing out advise to women concerning the pet names they give to their male partners.

The creative stated that the pet names had a deeper meaning and it was time women knew this information.

In a video that is now going viral, he blasted ladies who referred to their significant others as ”babe” stating that addressing your man in a child’s name would only make him act immature.

‘’If you keep calling your husband babe ,baby all you get is immaturity from this guy.’’ the former talent  manager asserted.

According to him, the pet name given to a man is a cheat sheet of what the woman desires him to be.

He gave examples of popular endearment  terms  such as Daddy explaining that it was fine as it pushed the man to be a provider.

‘’If you want them to become a provider call them Daddy ,the word Daddy means source ,provider ,sustainer, defender’’ he admonished.

The 34 year old dived to the scriptures where he derived  biblical examples to prove his phenomenon.

He quoted great women in the bible  who referred to their husband using praise pet names and the benefits the women got from it .

He spoke on Sarah who was Abraham’s wife and Esther , a lady who found favor in the eyes of the King.

The creative quoted 1st Peter 3:6, a verse that showcases that Sarah always addressed Abraham as her master.

He continued with the illustrations sighting the book of Esther 5:4, which depicts that Esther referred to her husband by calling him King.

As always Kenyans flocked the comment section with opinions on the controversial opinion.

‘’Unajua nacheka kwa nini, hii ni maajabu”

‘’Mimi wangu aniite Bwana Mkubwa ”

‘’Wa kuachwa ni wa kuachwa tu”

‘’ ’Wee mzee’ still tops them all’’ netizens shared.

Sam West is a creative made his first million in his early twenties after selling a ‘film’ to Mnet DSTV and is among the few dream chasers who left school to pursue their passion.

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