Kate Actress and her husband Philip Karanja(Director Phil) have both declined to address ongoing speculations about their marriage.

Kenyans are suspecting that they are having trouble in their marriage after Kate decided to remove Phil’s photos from her Instagram account.

The two were separately contacted by Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray but they ended up hanging on him after he raised the question about their marriage.

Ankali first contacted Phil and asked him how Kate was doing.

“Baba, ulikuwa unataka aje?(What do you want?” Philip responded to the journalist, who went ahead asking him about the deleted photos.

“Mtu yangu wacha tutaongea siku ingine (My friend let’s talk some other time),” Phil said before hanging up on Ankali.

Ankali proceeded to call Kate and first apologised for disturbing her. He questioned about her recent South African trip and plans on film before he brought up the question of her marriage.

“Shem, vipi wewe na shem yetu kwema?” he posed.

“I thought you were calling me about work. If you’re calling about family that’s different. Don’t wake me up to ask me about what you read online,” Kate said and hanged up the phone.


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