DJ Brownskin

DJ Brownskin, who was highly condemned for watching and recording his wife Sharon Njeri Mwangi commit suicide, has finally resurfaced on social media.

The father of two took to Instagram with a message that has been seen as an indirect response to the viral video that saw Kenyans call for his arrest and prosecution.

“Anybody that believes lies about you before hearing your side of the story was already looking for a way to be against you,” he shared on his Insta stories.

The controversial DJ had kept off social media after the video he recorded,of Sharon taking a poisonous substance, surfaced online earlier this month.

In the video, Sharon was captured ,mixing different substances before she gulped them. She later lay on the couch and shortly after began writhing in pain.

“Tell my guys I love them. Lovi bye, tell my kids I love them, I won’t lie, I am done,” Sharon  said as DJ Brownskin continued to record the whole incident. He then called upon his house girl to give Sharon milk. By then she was lying on the floor.

She reportedly died after the incident that occurred mid-last year.

While narrating her side of the story, the house girl said that DJ Brownskin was no longer respecting Sharon, leading to frequent arguments in the house.

“I think the man of the house was no longer respecting her. I never knew the cause of their fight but the man was the problem a couple of times,” she explained. According to her, the DJ would come home late and drunk.



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