Controversial podcaster Andrew Kibe seems not be through with Eve Mungai and now his next shot is her boyfriend Director Trevor.

Andrew Kibe who was speaking on his podcast on Facebook ,feared for Eve Mungai’s bae ,Trevor citing the latest mouth watering pictures she posts.

Courtsey Mungai Eve Instagram


”Have you seen her new photos that she’s putting out there on the internet? Kale Kafukuswi hakajui”

He further noted that Trevor should be wary of her girl’s new character adding that his future with Mungai Eve is not luminous.

”Kafukuswi saa hii chuma chake ki motoni  hakajui, hakaoni kuna siku kuna vilke anapangiwa  atokwe kitoko” said Kibe.

”But haoni deki,.shida huwa ni deki the day the woman will be strong enough she’s going to leave that guy crying pekee yake. He added.

Referring to the two lovers situation he warned men whose girlfriends/.wife’s are in the limelight revealing that they belong to the team and not the guy only.

”She belongs to the team she belongs to us she belongs to agwaz”

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