Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa recently made comments about a Bungoma resident who has proclaimed himself as Jesus, the son of God.

The controversial MP was speaking at a function when he said that the man who is popularly known as Yesu Wa Tongaren is an imposter and is not the real Jesus Christ.

Barasa further said that Yesu wa Tongaren will be used as firewood to burn sinners in hell.

“Huyu Chikati, vile nimekuwa nikija hapa, wametuona kwa TV na yeye huko Webuye. He is very smart. Watu walikuwa wanafikiri sababu yeye anatoka huko Tongaren na iko yesu huko, ati yeye amebarikiwa sana kuliko sisi. I also want to confirm his position, huyo yesu wa Tongaren ni mtu tu bandia, si yesu wa ukweli. He is an imposter na nafikiria huyo ndio atakuwa kuni yakuchoma wale watu wanafanya dhambi baadaye huko mbinguni, “the MP said in Swahili, which translates to,

(As I was coming here, people in Webuye saw me on TV with Chikati. He is very smart and they thought that since he comes from Tongaren where there is Jesus he is more blessed compared to us. I also want to confirm his position, Yesu wa Tongaren is a fake person and I think he will be used as firewood to burn sinners later).

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Yesu wa Tongaren, whose real name is Eliud Wekesa, has maintained that he is the real Jesus since being called by ‘God’ back in 2009.

Some of the miracles he is known for include turning water into tea at a wedding. He also has 12 disciples just like the Biblical Jesus Christ.

Currently, Yesu wa Tongaren is preparing to welcome god to his home on February 24. According to a report by Taifa Leo, three of his followers received visions that they will be visited by ‘God’ this February.

The controversial preacher leads the New Jerusalem Church that is based at his home in Tongaren.

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