Giving Christmas is the name, many people especially young couples open boxes during the end year festivities saying that its best expression love from their other half.

Well ,did you receive anything for Christmas?

Content Creator Miss Trudy, wife to Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya is on top of the moon following the pleasant Christmas gift of a 9million Toyota Fortuner.

”Babe thank you so much I can’t believe this. This is crazy. I have always wanted big cars like this. Do you know there are rich people’s cars”

“We met four years ago and we’ve been through it all. Trudy has never asked for money for hair, dresses or anything. It is time to give husbands out there pressure. I don’t need a car as I will miss interactions with people I meet and Uber drivers.” Miss Trudy.

Miss Trudy and Wode Maya during their wedding.

Miss Trudy and Wode Maya tied the knot September this year.

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