Confusion has reigned supreme after the National Police Service debuted claims of arresting Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

The police service took to their official X account where they issued a statement stating that they did not arrest the Governor.

They explained that the controversial politician boarded the police car on her own volition and there after disembarked voluntariry from the vehicle.

”The National Police Service wishes to refute claims that police arrested Meru Governor , Hon Kawira Mwangaza on October 18,2023 and clarify to the public that the Governor Of Meru on her own volition boarded a police vehicle and thereafter voluntarily disembarked from the same vehicle. ‘partly read the statement.

The NPS proceeded to quote the governor who only complained of heavy police presence during her event and not the arrest.

Siting Article 239(3) of the constitution the service members maintained  that they are  mandated to not act  in a partisan way or further any political cause or interests.

”Infact the governor in her own press release dated October 18\2023 does not mention that police arrested her, other than there was heavy police presence in her meeting” they claimed

As expected, Kenyans on x flocked the comment section all screaming out their confusion as to who was telling the truth. The photos of the governor in the police car and the now viral video of the police apologizing to her  heightened the puzzlement.

”From yesterday whole day when the news was very fresh where were you with your presser. The IG Kenya should have never had.”

”This is not a country anymore”

”wacha tunyamaze tu, Lakini Watu si wajinga bwana” netizens commented.

Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s legal team is yet to issue a response in regards to the police distancing themselves from her arrest.




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