Bahati’s wife Diana Marua lost her grandmother earlier this week and on Saturday, she made a social media comeback with photos from her funeral.

The part-time rapper revealed that she was informed of her death just when she was embarking on a journey to her place after being informed about her illness.

“On Tuesday morning, I prepared and carried my bag set to leave for her place. I switched on my phone, and the first message I received was that “Mum has gone to be with Lord. I couldn’t breathe. I screamed my lungs out. I was in shock, I was numb,” Diana narrated.

The mother of three added that the deceased has been like a mother to her and her siblings, since losing her mother over 10 years ago. She said that the deceased taught her a lot in life including being strong and walking with God.

She said that her grandmother instructed the family to celebrate her life after her death instead of mourning and burry her immediately.

“To see you lying in this casket was a blow for me, another heartbreaking moment. This pain, I cannot explain. You died in your sleep peacefully. You left instructions for people to celebrate your life and not mourn. You requested to be buried as soon as possible,” Diana said.

” You will forever be in my heart. Dance with the Angels. Talk to Mummy and Shosho about us. TELL THEM I WILL FOREVER MAKE ALL OF YOU PROUD, I PROMISE. TILL WE MEET AGAIN, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU,” she further said.



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