Musicians Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have jointly addressed the continuous criticisms that they have been receiving from Andrew Kibe.

The couple, who just landed in the country from their Dubai vacation, acknowledged Kibe’s job saying that they do not take his attacks personal.

According to them, Kibe is just making a living through content creation which is not an easy job.

“Andrew Kibe is a very smart content creator. Creating content is not easy. So when you want to create content you will choose who is on top like Diana B and that is who you will use. It is fine, he lost his job at Kiss FM and he is looking for food. By any chance if he speaks about Diana B and gets his bread, why not go ahead? We are all looking for bread and butter.,” Diana said.

On the other hand, Bahati revealed that he is friends with Kibe and they used to talk while he was at Kiss FM.  He went ahead to tell digital reporters not to take him seriously.

“One thing I have learnt in the industry over the years, don’t take things personal. The way I know Kibe(my friend), he is not personal. If you are used to insulting people, you would react to anything small. I believe he is just creating content, he is earning a living and also don’t take him too serious. For me I can tell him good job” Bahati said.

The father of five noted that Diana’s diss on Kibe was not personal. According to him, that was just a matter of the showbiz industry since Kibe mentions Diana oftenly.

“In showbiz, you can’t be crying always whenever you are mentioned. I think he should just keep up and continue doing his thing. Diana just joked that Andrew Kibe will die in the ghetto, Kibe even doesn’t belong to the ghetto,” he said.


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