Diamond’s top employee Baba Levo has vowed to weed out Wasafi employees and one of his bodyguard who may have dallied causing a stage mishap that saw the lights go off while the bongo heartthrob was performing during the wasafi festival in Mtwara Tanzania.

After the show Baba Levo advised Diamond to fire the employees if the situation was avoidable. He issued a stern warning  that he had already ordered a deep dive into the matter to ascertain if it was someone who caused it deliberately  or lethargy by some of the wasafi employees.

“Tunachunguza tuone ni nani aliyezembea kazini, au kama ni jenereta lenyewe hakuna shida. Lakini mimi nimeshauri Diamond Platinumz awafukuze kazi watu wanne, kama sio watatu, wengine ni viongozi wa wasafi media, lakini pia amfukuze baunza au Mlinzi wake” Baba Levo declared.

He faulted Diamond’s personal bodyguard for letting him perform in pitch darkness in front of a mammoth crowd which could have endangered his life. He stacked it as an inadmissible  offense that could cost him his job.

“Kwa kitendo cha kumruhusu Diamond kutumbuiza gizani tena mbele ya umati uliojaa bila kujua kama kuna mtu yeyote anaweza kurusha kitu chochote kibaya kikampata msanii na madhara yakawa mabaya. Ni mara mia mlinzi anngesimama mbele ya Diamond ili aendelee kutumbuiza nyuma. Lakini mlinzi alikaa nyuma akamuacha Diamond kama ndiye kiberenge kule mbele anaimba. Hayo ni Makosa” He retorted angrily

While performing during the Wasafi festival the WCB boss  was left in limbo after the lights went off which forced him to continue to perform in darkness while the ensuing crowd of fans complained in angst. The Wasafi festival is slated in different regions in Tanzania. The event offers cultural and entertainment experiences in the line up of exciting performances. For the 2023 edition, the star-studded line up will include artists like Diamond Platnumz, Mbosso, Zuchu, G Nako, Jux, Chid Beenz, Young Lunya, and Meja Kunta.

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