Popular digital creator Mungai Eve has turned 23 years old.

The content creator celebrated herself by penning a beautiful message to  herself while thanking God for the far He had brought her.

She was also grateful; for those who have supported her throughout her journey

“I am a year older on this beautiful day🥹❤️❤️ i am thankful to God for the far He has brought me,looking back i never knew I would be where I am today but He had carefully crafted my existence and knows me better than anyone does,On this day i pray for wisdom ,good health ,happiness and success upon my life🙏.
Dear self i am very proud of you ,the world is your stage and you’ve played diligently so far, may you always shine brighter. To everyone who has been part of my journey i will be forever grateful and i love you so much🥹❤️. Cheers to myself for surviving another year🥂🥂. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!” Mungai said.


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Her boyfriend and Camera man Director Trevor also celebrated Mungai saying that she had taught that life is bigger and beautiful than he knew.

“Happy birthday to the woman who taught me life is so much bigger and beautiful than I knew. I wish you nothing but the very best in your life,” he said.



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