Kenyan musician Willy Paul has found himself in a bad place with his fans after sharing a snippet of his song with Ugandan star Eddy Kenzo.

Willy Paul shared a section of the project captioning ”This one you’re gonna love it fam” and went on to ask his fans and followers to record shot funny clips of the song.

His fans were however not pleased with a part of the lyrics where he seemed to trash people’s girlfriends ”Manzi yako ameparara apakangi mafuta huyo ni lucifer”

This saw most of his fans tear Willy Paul down from how he looked like in the video to the progress his music.

‘Bro sijui una behave aje mwanaume mkubwa anfanya nini na  tkiktok na hizo filters… mkubwa weee”

”umeanza kukaa shoga”

Some fans opted to switch the song stating that its Willy Paul’s girlfriends who doesn’t look good.

”Manzi yako ndio ameparara

sema Miss P ameparara

uyo wako ndio maperara”

Others even wondered how on earth Willy Paul spent time in the studio to record a diss track on people’s girls.

”unakalisha m..tako chini kwa studio kuambia watu mamamzi zao wameparara .. you need deliverance

Tuliyo parara kama Willy Paul tuna comment wapi…

Unatoa ngoma mbaya skuizi bro tafuta writers

Pozee unatoa ngoma kila uchao  si utulie hata” Willy Paul was advised.

What do you think about Willy Paul’s song…?

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