Gospel musician Daddy Owen is a man of wonders… from publicly asking for a woman to saying he doesn’t see the need a woman.

The singer revealed his new stand while speaking during a phone interview with Milele fm’s presenter Ankali Ray, Daddy Owen revealed that he has no pressure for looking for a wife.

He further added that he has been a celibate for 2 years and he has so far learnt how to survive and since he has a kid of his own he is contented.

” Sitaki mwanamke Kwa maisha yangu, am busy kazi ni mingi, tena moto ninaye, Sasa nini ingine.( I am not looking for a woman in my life, am busy with alot of work. Also I have a child so there is no other reason to get a wife).

It has been two years since Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui separated after four years of marriage.


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