Youth affairs, Arts and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba has promised to help rapper Colonel Mustapha to stand on his feet again after his music career came tumbling down.

Namwamba said the government was impressed with Mustafa’s move of taking up a  manual job to feed his family and  provide medical support for his ailing mother.

The CS added his ministry is willing to support the  legendary rapper so that he can revive his music career and inspire the younger generation.

“We have heard your challenges, and as a ministry, I want to assure you that we are here to walk with you through this challenging phase. We want to see you making more music, inspiring the younger generation of artists and nurturing them to stardom. The move you took to ensure that your mother receives proper health care is one to admire, and for that, we shall stand with you,” said Namwamba.

The ministry promised to give Mustafa a package that will see him hit the studio soon. The exact amount he was given however remains unclear.

“We have put together a package for you that will ensure that you are back on your feet, making music, and entertaining us,” Namwamba added.

The ‘swing swing’ hit maker recently made headlines on social media platforms after a video of him working at a construction site went Viral.

Speaking to YouTuber Mungai eve, Mustafa admitted that he ran bankrupt after losing his well paying job and cateing for his mother’s cancer treatment.

Celebrities including Jaguar and Kenyans have also raised money for Mustafa.






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