A verdict regarding the fate of Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s frozen bank accounts will be given by the court today.

Milimani magistrate Ben Mark Ekhupi is expected to preside whether or not pastor Ezekiel’s about 20 bank accounts will be unfrozen.

Yesterday the embattled pastor through his lawyers Danston Omari and Cliff Ombeta sought to have the court unfreeze his accounts a move which will allow him access his funds.

His lawyers also expressed their disappointment’s to the government on what they term as attempts to frustrate their client pastor Ezekiel by moving from one court to the other to obtain freezing orders.


The lawyers argued that it was an embarrassing act to freeze Ezekie’s accounts without a proper valid reason while the matter was still pending in the court.

“The move to freeze account will frustrate the operations of the church and the school which has 3,000 employees and some are paid daily”, Ombeta told the court.

One of his lawyers Ombeta stated hat the church needed to feed the school children and pay the employees.

They said that the conduct of Judiciary for freezing the accounts of Ezekiel has embarrassed the court for not disclosing material facts.

Pastor Ezekiel is facing accusations from the state for being involved in selling of body parts and money channeled to his bank accounts which Ombeta refers to a state scheme and no such things exists.

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