Kenyan comedian Andre Duncan Oduor famously known as 2mbili, has given a warning to anyone who gave fake promises to  Ngesh, the ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hitmaker and her team.

”I want to give a warning to everyone out there who promised ‘Nothing’ to Ngesh and her team! You have one week to deliver your promises!! Starting with the patron of Aluta Madam Senator Karen Nyamu,” he wrote on his Instagram.

The Comedian blasted the people in question for making it hard for him and other willing parties to help her, condemning them for giving her fake hopes.

”Mlifanya ajiskie amefika,” he said.

”Mheshimiwa naskia uliambiwa camera na tripod na tulights tuwili ni 90k ukazama na ukalala mteja!” the popular MC and Influencer continued.

He concluded his threatening message on Instagram by stating that the Kaveve Kazoze hitmakaker has now learnt her lesson and silenced the bad mouthed people who said that she has not talent.

”Wale wanasema hana talent, tutampea talent! For now let’s try help her once again!!! Anything is possible under the sun,” he wrote

Speaking to Oga Obinna previously, he said that nominated Nairobi senator Karen Nyamu did not offer any help to Ngesh, despite her visiting her office and that the only thing Ngesh got out of her office with is a video of a TikTok challenge and some photos.

”She went to Karen Nyamu’s office and the only thing alitoka nayo ni picha na challenge peke yake,challenge ya kaveve kazoze ambayo walipiga na mheshimiwa nothing much.”

He continued to say that the controversial senator had promised to pay for production of a number of the singer’s  videos and songs but the songs she released later were substandard.

Netizens have expressed mixed reactions to 2mbili’s threats to the people in question saying that he is just taking advantage of the situation to benefit himself in the process while some expressed that even he wanted to benefit while helping the lady, he should still see to it that she gets the help she was promised.

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