Record breaking Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed is humbly calling upon Kenyan’s to show some love to her while she will be handling her upcoming contest.

Chef Mahila is set to kick off her trainings on 26th May,2023 ahead of her anticipated best Record attempt that will be on August11,2023 first attempt, and November11,2023 second attempt respectively.

The chef whose record was broken by a Nigerian counterpart broke the Guinness World Record by cooking in 75 hours in 2019, and 72 hours in 2018.


Record breaking Nigerian Chef Hilda

Mahila who vowed to break the seating record is however, calling upon Kenyans to support her during trainings and also during the actual competition.

” I need your support out there  one more time. I know the love and the support that I got in 2019 was immense and I need it one more time. To all the sponsors out there, who are willing to sponsor me, you can get through me.”

Despite her sentiments seeming otherwise the chef extend her congratulations to Nigerian Chef Hilda in Nigeria who broke the record at Guinness World Record of cooking in 100hrrs.

The Kenyan chef who is asking for donations from her online family added that records are meant to be broken, regardless of where the competitor hails from.



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