Kenyans will have to be patient a little longer before they can start living the promise of Kenya Kwanza government about accessing cheaper maize flour.

The product which has been on an upper spiral scale since last year has been retailing at an average price of ksh 200- ksh 230 for each 2 kg packet.

President William Ruto had promised that his government will bring down the prices to Ksh150 per packet.

Agriculture cabinet secretary Mithika Linturi had also said that the government allowed 28 millers to import duty free maize and instructed them to reflect the same in their retail prices.

However this prices never reflected on the retailing unga prices in the market, causing an uproar in Kenyans. The cheapest brand is Umi which is retailing at 159 shillings.

The social media outrage has forced millers to come out and address the issue. United Grain Millers Association (UGMA) chair Ken Nyagah said that small millers did not receive the duty-free import licence from the government.  Hence not all brands could lower their prices.

He further said that millers who got license to import duty free maize have managed to buy and import the cheaper corn that will set foot in the country in two weeks time.

“We have managed to get maize at a cheaper price from COMESA member countries, and we assure consumers that in less than weeks, we shall have been able to bring down the price of unga to less than KSh 150 per 2kg packet,” Nyagah said.




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