Celebrities who follow Comedian Eddie Butita have taken a toll on the comedian with sarcastic remarks on one of his posts.

Eddie Butita through his Insta stories and post reposted and  thanked Zanzibar based Alladin and his crew who commended him for being the most creative man in the continent.

”Shout out to the Most Creative Man in Africa receive love from Zanzibar” the post read.

Alladin and friends are known for diving into the ocean and and other water bodies carrying posters of messages subscribing to positive vibes and at times influential people as form of appreciation to the individual.

This was Kenya’s Butita’s moment but his fellow celebs and a section of Kenyans cannot buy that.

HopeKid asked to know how much he had paid the group for that Perfomance.

”Hii shugli mzima walikufanyia na how much?” he asked Butita.

”Butita aseme tu mtu anapeana ngapi ndio awekwe apo”

Akuku dannger a fellow comedian also wanted to know the expenditure for the ovation.

”Bro hii ulitoa ngapi youths tusave maze.” he asked.

However some fans welcomed the move congratulating him for the recognition,

”They normally do amazing work and them welcoming you means they notice how great you are.”


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Butita has taken over the 411 biz in Kenya after setting up an entertainment  info fim caled SPM BUZZ.



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