Comedian Eddie Butita has revealed that he spend a fortune on his new look.

According to him, he spend over $300(Kshs41,130) to get his hair done.

“Some good money. Kuna bei yangu na bei ya kawaida. Dola kama mia tatu na kitu,” he said.

Asked on why he embraced the new hairstyle, the former Churchil show comedian said that 2023 was his year of trying out everything.

“This is genuine human hair. Kuna mtu amenyolewa kwa niaba yangu katika nchi fulani halafuy ndege ikaruka na nywele. I am just trying to be me. Ni mwaka wa kujaribu mambo yote,” Butita said and further explained how he is going to maintain the new look.

“Maintenance Kulala na na kinyasa kwa kichwa, kuvaa showercap. Itabidi niwe na umama kwa muda wa miezi kadhaa sasa. Hata sahi nimeanza kuwa na attitude,” he said.


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At the same time, he said that he stopped being in love a long time ago.

He was recently forced top address rumours of being in a relationship with model Sadia. According to him, Sadia and him are just good friends and business partners.

“Whatever was being said ni nyinyi mlicreate. I have confirmed anywhere that we are dating. We have never kissed we. We are just friends, we are creating content, our plans and businesses. Its just that when you gossipers saw us together you concluded that we are dating and we ran with with to achieve our goals,”  he said in a phone interview.


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