Renowned Kenyan rapper Breeder has taken to social media to deliver a powerful message of self-belief and determination to the youth. In a heartfelt Instagram story, the artist emphasized the importance of believing in oneself and drawing strength from personal life experiences.

Breeder, known for his thoughtful lyrics and authentic storytelling, shared insights into his creative process and the origin of his music. He revealed that much of his lyrical content is derived from his own life experiences, lending a raw and relatable quality to his music. The rapper’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level has earned him a devoted fan base.

“Believe in yourself my G it can take you places ata hujui how powerful self belief is never stop, never stumble, ni possible. That’s what pushed me to pursue my dreams even when faced with challenges. Every step I took, I trusted myself and my abilities,” he said.

Breeder further recounted a pivotal moment in his life, revealing that he first held Kshs1 million at a the age of 25.

“Siku nlishika mita yangu ya kwanza hivi nilikua 25, that’s after covid tu hivi siku amini I had to withdraw the guap and count it kwanza,  I wrote ‘BIG FAT CHEQUE’ that same night every lyrics on that song ni kama testimony,” the artist said

At the same time, the rapper revealed that  he used to do music to relieve himself from stress. He added that his was good in football but he got an injury while in campus that ended the career.

“Life is a journey, this music thing nilikuwa naifanya tu nitoe stress na nilikuwa na passion. Foota nilikuwa mnoma sana pia.  Could’ve have made it to pro noma  nilipata injury nikiwa campo. Nitakusow nimetoka mbali, Ukiskia niweka hizi vitu kwa lyrics, si ati najifanya, ni ukweli,” he said.


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