Betty Kyallo

Flair by Betty CEO Betty Kyallo  faced a lot of backlash on social media during her vacation at the coast few days ago.

This is because she captured herself in a bikini and went ahead to share the photos and videos online. A section of netizens slammed her for being a bad example to her daughter as well as other people who look upon her.

The mother of one has however hit back at trolls saying she is not their role model. She noted that she can’t swim in pajamas or  any other clothing.

According to her, she is comfortable with sharing the bikini photos and anyone who is not pleased with seeing them can unfollow her.

“I am a role model to my sisters and my daughter and you know what, do you swim in pajamas? Do you swim in a bedsheet? The other day I saw Size 8 jumping into the pool and I was just like hii sielewi to each their own. I am comfortable with my body. I don’t see why the public should be uncomfortable with my body. My Instagram and my Facebook is me, if you don’t like what you see just unfollow. Nobody is forcing you to see Betty Kyallo. If I am comfortable with who I am, I will post that bikini picture, I like my thick body, my thick Luhya Kamba body,” the media personality stated.

“I don’t know why we have this prejudice against African women because when you look at Hollywood people out there they go to the malls almost naked so here I am at the coast having a freaking good time then you expect me to be covered up? Look for somebody else or unfollow” she further said.

Betty however said that she didn’t have the confidence before especially after suffering an accident that left her with very big scars.

“I didn’t have this confidence. I had a very bad accident when I was very young, because I went through this accident, for a long time I was so conscious about the scars that I have . I just reached a time I was like you know what, I love me, I am gonna have these scars all my life, will I hate myself all my life? I remember being on TV and I used to wear those high collars to hide the scars but after sometime I was like wakwende. This is who I am , I need to see the best in me and then the world will see it,” she said.





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