The Kenyan term bestie bestie chubwi is actually applicable, comedian and radio host Mulamwah has confirmed to Kenyans that he is indeed in a a romantic relationship with his bestie Ruth K.

Mulamwah confirmed the long disputed rumour through beautiful photos of him and his bestie Ruth K getting all cosy and cute photos on social media accompanied with beautiful messages.

“Every time spent together is always treasured, the laughter, good memories and tears shed together in those dark days. Watching you winning big in life is always my answered prayer. To the strongest and loving person i know happy valentines😍😍i will always chose you if asked to. Besties forever❤️❤️ @mulamwah.”

His revelation defys his previous sentiments where he denied dating claims noting that the nature of their friendship was highly misunderstood.

” We have never dated and we don’t intend to. It was misunderstood, as for me I remain single and focused on my works and projects, siad Mulmamwah at one time.


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