Singer Bahati has once again embarrassed his wife Diana Marua on camera.

This is after he shared a video online of Diana snoring loudly while she was sleeping. Bahati, who had stayed up until late night recorded the video after concluding a project he was working on.

“Thank you people for your time. Thank you for listening to my speech. I am done typing. I just live love and laugh, I am done with English. I think its time to go sleep. I am heading upstairs to my wife. Good night,” Bahati said.

The singer proceeded to switch off the lights and headed straight to bed where Diana was asleep. He focused the camera on her and also captured her loud snores.

“Mnaona vitu tunavumilia kwa hii marriage. Please don’t tag her,” he captioned the end of the video.

Diana has faced embarrassment in the hands of Bahati multiple times. Just a few months ago, the father of five excited netizens when he revealed that his wife was about to attend an important event without taking a shower even though he had also not taken a shower.

“She woke up 3 hours ago, I’ve woken up 3 minutes ago and I have already finished preparing myself. Hata sijaoga. Babe kuongea ukweli ata wewe hujaoga,” Bahati said.

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