Rapper Diana Marua has revealed that her husband Bahati gifted her a perfume worth Kshs62,000 on their way to Kenya from their Dubai vacation.

According to her, Bahati bought the gift while they were on a plane.

“The gift that you bought for me on the plane, thank you. I know you love me,” she told Bahati  in a video shared on their Insta stories.

Bahati was however convinced Diana’s demand for gifts was being influenced by her close friends. He also claimed that his wife wanted a watch worth Kshs24, 000.

“Your friends should stop misleading you. Your friends like Carol Katrue. This girl is asking for gifts and I have not prepared myself,” the Adhiambo hitmaker complained.

Diana however disagreed with him saying that he is always ready and that her friends only want what is best for her. She added that Bahati gave her the liberty to choose whatever she liked.

“Let me tell you guys, the Honorable is always ready. He just bought me a perfume worth Kshs62,000 in a plane. He told me baby, look at the book, make a decision and let me know what you want. He was so sleepy at haoni, nikamwambia baby, I want this one. A perfume worth Sh62,000, guys. So if you meet Diana B, make sure you smell me,” she said.

Captioning the video, Bahati however complained that Diana was still denying him his conjugal rights even after buying the expensive gift.


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