Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have been open about their relationship and told fans the most delicate things about them.

In their recent video on Diana’s YouTube channel, the two did a “who’s likely to” episode where they gave fans a more  in depth look at their seven years marriage.

When asked who is not likely to apologize when in the wrong , Bahati looked at Diana and said women from her community were proud and always right.

” Wajaluo nilipatana aje na nyinyi? What is wrong with luo women? Kiburi ya Nyanza weeh, Please, kama wewe ni Mkamba, Mkikuyu, Mluhya ama hizi tribe zingine, and you want to marry a luo woman, please always prepare yourself, you might always be the one in the wrong forever,” Bahati stated

The mother of four however responded and said that even when she apologizes, Bahati will still follow up with questions and explanations about understanding what the argument was all about.

While ending the video, Diana also surprised Bahati when she revealed that when the two met, his Kamba accent used to turn her off and she used to ask herself why the award -winning musician was speaking like that.

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