Kenyan musician Kelvin kioko alias Bahati is the latest victim of copyright strikes on YouTube after his new song was pulled down due to copyright claims.

The singer’s trending song “Huyu” which lyrics and amateur video were released on Wednesday was deleted from his YouTube channel on Tuesday Morning.

The love song which  features Kenyan Instagram famous couples  had amassed thousands of views. The song had also been consistently trending at number two in music.

Taking to his largely followed Instagram account, the “Wanani” hitmaker shared a screenshot from YouTube which indicated that his song had been deleted due to copyright claims.

Bahati then pointed an accusatory finger towards Tanzanian based artists blaming them for his setback.

“Another attack from Tanzania….who is genius jinix66??? He maliciously deleted my song #Huyu from YouTube No 2 on trending.” captioned the singer.


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Genius jinix , the complainant  is a Tanzanian music producer and bongo flavor artist. Days after the tune ”Huyu” was released, the producer took to his Instagram account and called out Bahati for copying his beats twice.

He stated that Kenya is his second home and as thus he would not have had a problem with Bahati using his beats provided he checked in with him.

“Nikishusha hii nyimbo nani atanilaumu?? Kucreate sound huwa sio kitu chepesi jamani tunaumiza sana akili. Hii ni mara ya pili beat zangu wana cope nikiongea, sijui naonekana aje.@Bahati kenya ungehitaji hii sound ungenicheki tu ningekutengenezea kuliko kufanya hivi. Nawapenda sana Kenya coz ni sec homi but  tusifanyiane hivi pls.” lamented the producer


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Bahati is not new to controversies surrounding copyright claims. In 2021 his hit tune “wanani” got deleted from YouTube after the complainant named as Jivu filed copyright claims days after the songs release.



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