Nero water Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai has gone harm on a certain man who called her barren in the comment sections of her Instagram page.

The man who goes by the name of George had responded to a recent post the savvy business lady had made on which she had asked her followers to identify the different popular people in the different images who had attended Tabitha Karanja’s daughters birthday.

However, the man decided to not play along but instead put on a troll hat and wrote back “You’re the only barren there.”

Anerlisa did not take it easy noting that she had ignored many trolls online but this had to be dealt with. ” Shame on you!” “There are a lot of comments that ignore , but this one has gone too far… I am actually touched because there are actual barren women in this world,” she stated.

She went on to express her sadness that an adult male could make such a brazen and crude statement. “I am disappointed that a whole grown man can comment on such things as knowing how many women struggle day in day out without getting kids.”

The Keroche heiress further shamed the man cautioning him to be carefull that karma could attract her daughters.

“Feel very shamed, and if you have young daughters, pray very hard for them.Your words can easily come back to you, sir!!”

She then finished by educating the man that there wasn’t a prize given to women for getting a child or pregnant a head of fellow women.




    Pole Madam Anerlisa,just forgive him,…Madam Anerlisa I know you are a good hearted lady like your mum I am kindly requesting you to offer me a job in your company.I am a graduate of Food science and I have been jobless for long.. kindly help me.I will appreciate so much.
    Email address

  • George Otieno from Kenya


    Everything is under God’s control so you shouldn’t be regret yourself.

  • Murunga


    I personally apologise on behalf of the man on the matter barren about Arnelisa.We all should hold on dignity for our women and shouldn’t have a mindset on matters that only God can correct.
    If given a chance i can live with such woman comfortably with a daily prayer to God to make it realistic just as He made it to Anna and the biblical Sarah.

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