After completely destroying Bahati’s wife Diana Marua, Andrew Kibe has now picked on popular YouTube content creator Mungai Eve.

While addressing the issue of men helping women to establish themselves only for them to get dumped, Kibe said that Mungai’s boyfriend Director Trevor was heading to that direction.

Kibe said that Mungai is planning to leave Trevor but he is yet to see the signs.

“Lets talk about Mungai Eve. The way she is doing those interviews, have you seen her new photos that she is putting on the internet? Kale Kafukuswi hakajui chuma chake ki motoni. Hakaoni. Kuna vile anapangiwa atokwe. The day the woman will be strong enough, she is going to leave that guy crying,” the podcaster said.

According to him, Trevor will be left saying that ‘nobody will ever convince him about love and does not believe in relationships anymore.’

“That is what is going to come from his mouth,” he noted.

At the same time, Kibe advised men to avoid women who are on posting social media, those who work in salons, air hostesses, receptionist, Kikuyu women as well as those selling insurance.



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