Amber Ray

Amber Ray has cunningly hit at her fellow socialite Vera Sidika after her lavish baby shower that was held recently.

The mother of one noted that the baby shower was was planned by professionals and the ideas were not stolen again.  Vera had previously claimed that Amber stole her ideas during their concurring gender reveal parties.

“Say goodbye to mediocrity and join the professionals. The deco done at my baby shower was not copied from any sanduku. Too expensive for any came from.. black tie events which define excellence. While excellence is my second name this surpassed it. Caption from my knight Mr Ken who fronts real confidence and always gets my back and when he washes Im cleaned. So don’t be jealous, get a man who can wash hata kama ni nguo,” Amber stated on her insta stories before deleting the post.

The two women teared into each last month after their gender reveal parties with Vera accusing Amber of stealing her ideas, and releasing her videos of her reveal party just before Vera’s was aired on Showmax.

According to her, Amber Ray wanted top outshine her to create the narrative that she was the one who copied ideas.

“They wanted to reveal the gender with a chopper to, plans changed at the last minute because I posted mine and it trended for three days. They had to look for a plan B because now it would have been too obvious because the chopper was already booked. They had to find a way to use it right before my show airs on TV, so that when mine airs it looks like I copied her idea,” Vera said.

Amber Ray hit back at her saying that gender reveals are all copied from Jenna Karvundis who started the idea in 2008.

“Dear Queen, I also copied the gender, I copied marriage, and everything else that came before me. Allow me to explain something to you, my enemy! All gender reveal parties are copied from Jenna Karvunidis who began the trend in 2008,” she responded to Vera.


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