Vibrant city youth politician Alinur Mohamed found himself on the receiving end of  Kenyans after Bashing Mercy Tarus for boldly calling out  Uasin Gishu leaders.

Tarus went Viral after fearlessly confronting the Uasin Gishu leaders over a scandal involving misappropriation of funds meant for scholarships in Finland. She boldly called for accountability from the leaders while calling out their lies.

“You are very mean with the truth, you keep lying, you smile at us, with a very smooth tongue and a very soft face that looks like it’s very innocent, but you keep on lying and lying,” Tarus said.

Responding to the former kabarack university graduate,  Alinur said the youthful woman was being disrespectful to the Uasin Gishu leaders including Senator Mandago.

Taking to his X account formerly known as twitter Alinur faulted Tarus’ move calling her to apologize to the leaders.

” Am disappointed with Mercy Tarus. I support her message but disagree with how she shared it. She disrespected leaders from Uasin Gishu, like Senator Jackson Mandago and other people’s parents, by shouting at and lecturing them. We don’t do that here. She should apologise,” Alinur


Taking to the comment section, Kenyans furiously attacked the youthful politician saying he was just seeking attention. They also defended Tarus claiming she was just expressing her pain.

Lilian London @Alinur Mohamed is being petty on Twitter. Why would you castigate a poor lady who is trying to speak out? Mercy Tarus has been scammed by Mandago and the rest and you want to gag her? Stop disrespecting yourself; your attack on the lady is unwarranted.

Bennon Maina: Disrespect, just like respect, is earned. Not entitled.”

Obama malik : What are you saying? You like attention.

Mjengo ke: Was she to offer Mandago flowers and a red carpet for what he made them go through? These families have lost so much money and land to con games.

Ogada: know you’re disappointed, but thankfully, neither she nor we care about your feelings. However, I do think you should apologise for assaulting our sensibilities.”

Unlike Alinur, ODM senator ledama has uploaded Tarus boldness and even offered to give her job.” Mercy Tarus I would like you to work for me… speak your heart …the future belongs to candid youth! Let’s talk,” Ledama tweeted.

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