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Foreign and Diaspora Affairs CS Dr Alfred Mutua is being trolled online after his Canada jobs for Kenyans turned out to be fake.

Netizens have even dragged his film Cobra Squad to shame the CS, saying that he was running his ministry like the TV programme.

Mutua had claimed that there are more job opportunities in Canada and his ministry was negotiating with the country so that Kenyans can benefit.

“I  was pleased to note that there are job opportunities within various economic sectors across Canada and Kenyans can travel as students, tourists and as workers. We are in negotiations and we will be providing a comprehensive statement within the next few days with guidance and links agreed upon between the Kenyan and the Canadian government so that Kenyans can apply for migration or job visas,” Mutua said.

The Canadian government has however dismissed his statement saying that there were no special programmes for Kenyan immigrants. Through a statement, the Canadian Immigration Department urged Kenyans to visit their website for accurate information.

“Disinformation is circulating which suggests that special programs are welcoming Kenyan immigrants. This is false, and the immigration programs referenced do not exist. For accurate information on how to immigrate, visit,” IRCC said on Tuesday

Kenyans have been chasing this online opportunities to move abroad to countries like Canada and USA due to the high costs of living in the country.



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