Akothee has revealed that she dumped her estranged husband Denis Schweizer  aka Omosh back in June, just two months after their lavish wedding.

According to her, she arrived the decision after discovering some things about Omosh. At the time they had gone for their honey money in Greece.

“Omosh is not the first man in my life. So, from today henceforth, know that it is done and dusted with Omosh. I walked out of the relationship back in June. I normally walk out of a relationship when I am still in the relationship. When we were on honeymoon, I found out some things that I could not keep up with and then he asked me if I would dump him and I said no, ‘I love you’. When I was leaving  Switzerland in July 2023, at the airport he asked me, ‘will you leave me? I said no honey, I love you but for sure, I had already left,” Akothee shared during a live Facebook session on Tuesday night.


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Akothee however declined to go into details about what truly transpired out of respect that she has for him. She acknowledged the support that Omosh gave her because he came to her life when she was having issues with her family.

“Denis Schweizer came into my life when I was going through so much. We came from far and he gave me what I needed when I needed him, he came in when we had big fights with my family and I was written off and nobody was talking to me. I needed a shoulder to lean on and by the time he said, ‘will you… I responded with a quick ‘Marry me, yes. I enjoyed everything with him including living with him. All the flight tickets he bought for me, I really do appreciate but then the relationship was not meant to be,” she said.


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