Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has found herself under fire as her relationship with Nelly Oaks faces scrutiny from Kenyans.

Recently Akothee announced that her manager Nelly Oaks had become her new lover after her estranged husband Mr.Omosh exited her life,  in what was alleged to have took a toll on her mental well being as she announced on her social media platforms.

The Mother of five has lately been spending quality time with Nelly Oaks and she has not shied from showing that off on social media.

In one instance, a critic decided to be very candid by claiming that Nelly Oaks, who also served as her manager, was the most patient mammal.

The fan went far as to say that Nelly Oaks derserves a medal for being patient.

“The most patient mammal I have seen is Nelly Oaks, He deserves a medal” the netizen said.

The comment settled well with other fans but Akothee was not seemingly happy by the fan. In a quick rejoinder she said, “He is mine period!”

Other netizens could however not fathom how Nelly was back in Akothee’s life as soon as her marriage was reported to be troubled.

A tough-talking Akothee last week issued a stern warning to those associating her with her husband Denis Schweizer.

During a Facebook Live session, Akothee said she would take legal action on those associating her with the Swiss man.

“If you dare to call me Schweizer, I will take you to court for defamation of character,” she said.

The entertainer also addressed queries from her followers who were eager to understand why she kept referring to Nelly Oaks as ‘babe’ during the session.



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