Celebrated Kisii gospel singer Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma aka Embarambamba is back with his antics.

Embarambamba who has been quiet since 2023 began surfaced online with a tribute to the late Prof. George Magoha.

The controversial musician took to YouTube to share a video of himself mourning the immediate former Cabinet Secretary of Education.

In the video, the singer is seen kneeling besides what looks like a borehole which is near a banana plantation. He looks inside the hole and addresses Magoha.

“Magoha Eeeh Magoha, acha kunyamaza hivyo Magoha, eeeh Wacha kulala hivyo. Amekufaaa! Wakenya nifanyaje,”” Embarambamba is heard saying before letting out a scream.

He however continued to sing while saying that students passed exams during the deceased tenure in the Education ministry.

video, courtesy

The late Magoha passed on on January 24 at The Nairobi Hospital where he had been rushed for treatment after collapsing while at his Nairobi residence.

According to his friend Prof. Walter Mwanda, Magoha new that his life was coming to an end and last he told him that he will bury him.

“He had a premonition and told his wife, I suppose, that his time had come and he was happy everything was done. He then asked the wife to call the son and also the daughter in-law and then at that time he also said he wanted to see me and the wife did the same. Called the soon, called the daughter in-law and called me in that series,” Mwanda told journalists.

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