A child is undoubtfully the climax of many lifetime relationships and Bongo movie star Wema Sepetu seems to be feeling the pinch.

34 Wema Sepetu, revealed that her relationship is not as solid as it should be since she lacks a child and that’s one of the best thing she yearns to give her new bae and singer Whozu.

“I love him so much and he loves me too, however, there is one thing (child) that I need to accomplish for him to cement our love. If it never happens then that would be wonderful but still love him to death.” Wema confessed.

The former Miss Tanzania has been struggling to get pregnant but she is mostly on the loosing end in all her attempts of getting pregnant.

Towards the end of 2022 her boyfriend Whozu disclosed that Wema Sepetu had a miscarriage, however he is hoping that one day Wema will successfully carry her pregnancy to term and eventually become a mother.

“Iliharibika bahati mbaya (Unluckily, We had a miscarriage)”

“I pray to God that the child is a boy. And his mother will be Wema Sepetu. I’ll keeptrying ”, he said.

Amidst her coveted love life , trolls have been on her neck mocking her over to their age differences, Wema is in her mid 30’s whereas Whozu is in his early 20’s.

Though its not proven one time the Bongo movie star sttaed that she has been having a series of misscarriages since her late ex lover Stephen Kanumba cursed her following the two times she arboted his pregnancy.

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