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In a deeply unsettling incident, employees at City Hall in Nairobi were left shocked and saddened after a baby was found abandoned in a car park. The discovery has ignited a wave of compassion and concern among the city’s staff, who have rallied to ensure the infant’s safety and well-being.

The baby was brought to the attention of City Hall’s security personnel by a cleaner who found the baby. The child, who appeared to be in good health, was swiftly placed under the care of City Hall staff, including a compassionate cleaner who played a crucial role in securing the baby’s safety.

Lydia Gatheru, the Director of Customer Service at Nairobi County, recounted the distressing moment, saying, “This baby was brought to my office by our security and the person who had found the baby, our cleaner, and we’ve taken measures to notify social services. We’re currently awaiting the Children’s Department to arrive and facilitate the necessary procedures for the child’s welfare, which may include adoption.”

The discovery has sparked discussions within City Hall about the need for heightened awareness and support for vulnerable members of society. Many employees have expressed a collective determination to ensure that the abandoned baby finds a loving and secure home.

Officials from the Children’s Department are expected to take custody of the infant, ensuring that appropriate care and protection are provided. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges that Kenya’s social services face in protecting and nurturing vulnerable children.

The compassion shown by the City Hall staff and their quick response to this distressing discovery exemplify the spirit of unity and care for those in need. Their collective efforts demonstrate the importance of community involvement in safeguarding the welfare of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable among us.

As the investigation into the abandonment of the baby continues, the focus remains on ensuring the child’s safety and well-being as the broader community awaits updates on the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

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